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Four Chinese characters

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has the meaning big. But also important, old, father and (accordning to the Kangxi dictionary) in the beginning. I believe that this character could have its origin in Adam. It is pronounced da like it could have come from A-da-m.

Today is written 大 [dà]
. It is one of the most common characters used in Chinese language.

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has the meaning north. It also has an original meaning to leave. Maybe this is a picture of God taken the side of Adam creating the women. The character consists of two persons, one to the left and another to the right + .

= +

Eve is created

Today is written [bei] and is the first character in 北京

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has the meaning to follow, from and relationship between cousins. It consists of two persons following each other. Everything (even the sin of man) has followed from one generation to the other.

Today is written 从 [cóng]. Even from the modern character it is clear that it is two persons, because a person is written .

从 = 人 + 人
= +

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has the meaning change, convert and die. We see one person uprigth and another person up side down. There seems to be a 180 degrees change. And the change has to do with a person.

Because of other characters I believe this has to do with the fall of man. I also believe here could be a connection to the theory about Yin and Yang.

Today is written 化 [huà]. It is obvious for Chinese that the left part of the modern character is a person. But not that the right part is it.

It is he first character in 化学 [huà xué] Chemistry.

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