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Four Chinese characters

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has the meaning big. But also important, old, father and (accordning to the Kangxi dictionary) in the beginning. I believe that this character could have its origin in Adam. It is pronounced da like it could have come from A-da-m.

Today is written
. It is one of the most common characters used in Chinese language.

oracle bone script for 大

has the meaning north. It also has an original meaning to leave. The character consists of two persons, one to the right and another to the left .

Today is written and is the first character in 北京

oracle bone script for 北

has the meaning to follow, from and relationship between cousins. It consists of two persons following each other.

Today is written . Even from the modern character it is clear that it is two persons, because a person is written .

oracle bone script for 从

has the meaning change, convert and die. We see one person uprigth and another person up side down. There seems to be a 180 degrees change. And the change has to do with a person.

Because of other characters I believe this has to do with the fall of man. I also believe here could be a connection to the theory about Yin and Yang.

Today is written . It is obvious for Chinese that the left part of the modern character is a person. But not that the right part is it.

oracle bone script for

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