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A king shall come

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has the meaning disobey and traitor. is upside down. Adam disobeyed God. In that way he became a traitor.

Today is written 屰 [nì]. Or actually is so old that it is not used any more. But the character has the same meaning as 逆 [nì].

oracle bone character for

has the meaning hard, difficult, bitter and painful. The character is built up of a horisontal line and of . The horisontal line can have the meaning one (1). Because of one (1) disobidient man sin entered the world. And with sin all of those things mentioned above - hardship, difficulties, bitterness and pain.

Today is written 辛 [xin]. The scholars that cannot connect the dots believe that the character is an ancient torture instrument. They call it a xin-sword. The character is pronounced xin. They are partly right. It is a torture to live in a sinful world. But the connection to and is not seen in the modern character.

oracle bone character for

has the meaning set up, found, establish and a king will ascend the throne. The character is built up of a horisontal line and of . God established mankind through creating Adam. God said to Adam that he should rule over the animals. But Adam did not rule over the serpant. He let the serpant tell him what to do. Because of that the mankind needed a new start, a new Adam, a new king.

Today is written 立 [lì]. It is not visible in the modern character that it is originated in .

oracle bone character for

has the meaning good fortune, happiness, rejoice, be happy, I hope, I trust, fortunately, luckily and an ancient meaning (of a king) to come/arrive.

In some mysterious way the scholars believe that this character is a picture of ancient handcuffs. So wrong they are. It must be obvious for everyone that take a close look at the oracle bone character that it consist of
and . A horisontal line between the two is also added.

This character is depicting the first Adam that sinned and therefore is turned upside down. It is also depicting the coming Savior that will be the second Adam. When he comes the whole earth will rejoice.

The Chinese could have had this knowledge because they seemed to have waited for the seed of the woman as the Jews. This charcter was used when the Emperor in China arrived to a place. I see the similarities of the High Priest in the Bible and the Emperor of old China. The Emperor should hold the place of the son of heaven until the day the seed of the woman came forth.

Today is written 幸 [xìng].

oracle bone character for

Oracle Bone, 3100-3600 years old