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Clothes for Adam & Eve

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has the meaning enter, come in, join, become a member of, agree with and conform to. One theory is that the character represents an arrowhead.

Today is written .

oracle bone script for 入

has the meaning clothing, clothes, garment, dress, coating and covering. Accordning to the traditional explanation, this character is a picture of an ancient jacket.

I believe there are much more to this character than that. If we take a close look, we can see two persons under a shelter. Look below.

two persons with their backs toward each other

two persons under a shelter (clothes)

I believe the character depicts Adam and Eve under a shelter. But there are more to it than that. Originally Adam and Eve did not need clothes. The only reason they needed clothes was because of sin. The glory of God had left them. They found that they were naked. How is God dealing with sin? The Bible tells that there must be blood in order to have forgiveness. So an animal had to die. And first then a temporary righteousness could be established. I see Adam and Eve entering () in to the righteousness of God through the blood of the animal.

I also see as a shelter, ie the skin from the animal that was covering their nakedness.

This character has the same pronunciation as righteousness (except for the tone). The first one and the second one .

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oracle bone script for 衣

has the meaning at the beginning of, in the early part of, first (in order) and for the first time. Both the Oracle Bone and the modern version of the character consists of two parts: clothes and a knife. Some scholars think it points to the beginning of cloth production.

This character even more confirms my theory explaining tha last character.

The first time anyone needed clothes was when Adam and Eve had sinned and the glory of God had left them. They found that they were naked. God made garments of skin for Adam and Eve and clothed them. To make the garments of skin an animal had to die. Then a knife was needed. For the first time Adam and Eve saw blood. Maybe Adam himself needed to kill the animal. The blood sacrifice was important. For without blood there is no forgiveness. Probably the animal was a lamb and was foreshadowing the death of Christ.

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oracle bone script for 初

has the meaning depend on, rely on, count on, look to, obey, comply with, yield to, according to, in the light of, judging by and on the basis of. Both the Oracle Bone and the modern character consist of two parts: clothes and a person. In the Oracle Bone the person is inside the "clothes".

My view on this character is that we (every person) should see that the blood from an innocent animal is needed to recieve forgiveness from God. We should all remember the story of how God gave clothes to Adam and Eve.

At the time before Christ there were sheep and oxen that were slaugthered to give temporary forgiveness. When Christ came he was the final sacrifice. Through him we can recieve eternal forgiveness. Jesus is the lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world.

Look at the meaning of the character again. And judge by yourself.

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oracle bone script for 依

Oracle Bone