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The glory of God

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has the meaning fire. There are sometimes difficulties to distinguish between fire and mountain.

Today is written

oracle bone script for

has the meaning lamb, kid and fawn. This character could be a small lamb on a fire or a mouthain goat. I have a few books that believe this to be a mouthing goat 岳, yue.

I see the importance in the blood from the lamb. The lamb should die on fire. A blameless lamb should die. This is the blameless lamb. When the obiovius is in front of us. The modern character has the four dots as meaning fire.

Today is written . The lamb in Chinese is 羔羊. The most upper part in the Oracle Bone Script is believed to be the sound of the lamb when dying.

oracle bone script for

has the meaning red, loyal, bare, empty and pure. In hebrew Adam has the meaning red. This characher tells about Adams devotion before the fall. At that very point he was bare, or naked. Or maybe just clothed in the glory of God. And that was described best with a fire.

Today is written [chì]. China was called 赤县 in early days.

oracle bone script for

has the meaning light, scenery, honour, glory, good, advantage, bare and naked.

Maybe we here get some more explanation. The clothes were good and glorious. And they were still bare and naked. Because the glory of God covered them like a fire.

We can still remember the man upon a fire. That had the meaning bare. We here have a person under a fire. That also has the meaning bare and naked.

We can conclude that the fire was the fire of God.

Today is written

oracle bone script for

Oracle Bone, 3100-3600 years old