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The forbidden tree?

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has the meaning go (from here to another place), depart, leave, lose, remove, be away from, be apart from, pass away or die.

Adam had to leave the garden because of his great mistake. The mistake of his mouth finally led to his death.

"but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die." Gen 2:27

Today is written [qù]. The modern character does not tell the story, nor the neither the is visible in it.

orace bone script for

has the meaning cry or weep. One book says that it a person amongst two mouth. Another that is it a dog (as it is in the modern charaters). I have myself drawn a tree.

Is it not strange that the tear drops are coming down from the mouths rather than the eyes. Two mouths are clearly visible also in the modern character. Maybe the mouthes are Adams and Eves.

Today is written [kū].

oracle bone script for

has the meaning mulberry or white mulberry.

Today is written [sāng]. Observe the prononciation.

oracle bone script for

has the meaning funeral or mourning. Nothing about a tree. But still there is a tree there.

Today is written , [sāng]. Exact the same prononciaton as in . The two mouthes are visible in the old character.

I will ask a question about the forbidden fruit in the garden. Could it have been white mulberry ?

Traditionally Chinese dresses on funerals are white.

Look at the two last characters. See at the similarities.

Maybe this is showing the reason Adam had to to leave the garden. Eating white mulberry?

oracle bone scripts for 丧,喪

Oracle Bone, 3100-3600 years old