Oracle Bone Script for 大 that has the meaning big, great, major, elder, eldest and father.
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The father

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"A standing man with his legs apart and his arms held out." (The Origins of Chinese Characters, Wang Hongyuan, Sinolingua Beijing, 2004, page 3)

From New Age Chinese-English Dictionary (120 000 words and phrases), The Commercial Press, Beijing, 2001 we can read that 大 has the meanings:

1 big; large; great
2 heavy; strong
3 main; major; imortant; general
4 loud; high
5 size
6 (of) age
7 to a great extent or degree; greatly; fully
8 used after "bu" to indicate low degree or frequency
9 eldest
10 adult; major; elder
11 used before a phrase of time for emphasis
12 further back or on in time
13 your
14 a surname

1 father
2 uncle

This character seems to portrait a person. But the character has not the meaning a person (there is another Chinese character for that). How did the Chinese think when they formed this character? What was the purpose of it having this shape? Like a person?

The character 大 is very similar to the old version of it written about 3000 years ago. The Oracle Bone Script was used by the Chinese that long time ago. They carved the characters on bones and turtle shells. This implies that everyone in China and abroad can see that we here have a connection to some person. Who?

Who was this man? He should have been big, large, great, heavy and strong. He should have been an important person of major interest for the Chinese. The meaning of 大 is elder and eldest. Even in some dialects the character is used as father and uncle. It is not hard to get the feeling that we here have a forefather to the Chinese. Who can it be?

Is it possible that we have the forefather of all humanity? According to the Bible that one is Adam. Could the Chinese have had the same story about Adam and Eve?

I believe so. And this is the reason for this web page. I will in articles to come analyze characters that have 大 in them. There are a lot of those characters. They all tell the same story. This man was Adam.

Adam was according to the Bible the oldest man in the world as long as he lived. The Bible says that Adam died when he was 930 years old. If that is true then Adam was the oldest man in 930 years on all the earth. That is a very long time. Could he has been so important for the Chinese that they made up a charcter for him?

The character has the pronounciation as da in Adam. The character 大 is a key to unsolve the roots of the Chinese language.

If I am right in my statements then the Chinese language has the same foundation as the Bible.

Oracle Bone, 3100-3600 years old