Oracle Bone Script for 天 that has the meaning Heaven and God.
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Oracle Bone Script for 天 (all these six pictures are from the same book but there were not room for them on one row, not in the book neither here)
The yellow colour is used by me to highlight holy things (here God). The Oracle Bone Script were not written in colour but carved with sharp tools on bones and turtle shells.
Compare with the character 大 da that I believe originates from the knowledge about Adam among the first Chinese. I believe this character is a pictogram of Adam.
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"A standing man drawn to emphasize the head. [大 da]" (The origins of Chinese characters, Wang Hongyuan, Sinolingua Beijing, 2004, page 4).

From New Age Chinese-English Dictionary (120 000 words and phrases), The Commercial Press, Beijing, 2001 we can read that 天 has the meanings:

1 sky; heaven
2 overhead
3 day
4 period of any time in a day; time of a day
5 season
6 weather
7 inborn; innate; inherent; natural
8 nature
9 Heaven; God
10 celestial abode of gods; heaven; paradise

This character has the meanings Heaven and God. Heaven is the one the Chinese have been worshipping. In Beijing we can see this ancient worship in the park named Temple of Heaven. Heaven has another name. He is also called ShangDi. ShangDi has the meaning Lord on High that governs everything (in ancient Chinese thought) and God. ShangDi sounds like El Shaddai. Perhaps ShangDi and El Shaddai have the same origin?

In Oracle Bone Script the character for Heaven has a round circle or two horisontal lines above and the man under. The circle has the meaning head or mouth. The two horisontal lines has the meaning above. The character would have had the meaning "the man above". Who is that man?

Today the character is written 天. That is the character 大 with a horisontal line at the top. All Chinese who can read see this connection.

If the character 大 (that I wrote about in the last article) originates from the first man Adam, then the character 天 could very likely originate from God the Creator of Heaven and Earth (the God that both Christians and Jews believe in). God created Adam in His own image and we see that 大 is an image of 天.

Is it not possible that the first Chinese could have had all this knowledge?

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