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Outside the Garden of Eden

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has the meaning field, (cultivated) land, farmland and cropland. Some scolars say the character is a picture of a farmland with low earthen embankments between fields. Others say that the lines within the character depicts ditches/draines.

I believe the character is a picture of the garden of Eden. And that the inner lines in the character depict the river that was separated into four headwaters: Pishom, Gihon, Tigris and Euphrates.

Today is written 田 [tián]. That is, the character is of exactly the same form as it was many thousands of years ago.

Compare with 天 [tian] heaven, paradise. Eden was the paradise on earth. Therefore the same pronomination.

Eden have the same pronounation, 田 [tián], except from the first sound.

oracle bone script for

has the meaning yellow. It is also an abbreviation for the Yellow Emperor. The Yellow Emperor is regarded as the initiator of Chinese culture and said to be the ancestor of all Chinese.

What I see in this character is Adam having dominion over the garden of Eden. The scholars cannot understand why the Yellow Emperor would be clothed in a farmland/field and they say that the obvious here depicts a jade pendant.

Today is written 黄 [huáng]. The farmland/field is still visible in the modern character, but not that it also consists of .

oracle bone script for

has the meaning not the same, different, dissimilar, strange, bizarre, unusual, surprising, astonoshing, odd, other, another, separate, part and divide.

The scholars think that this character depicts a dancer with a mask. So the farmland/field seems to mean different things depending on where it is. Here it is a mask. In the previous character it was jade. No wonder the Chinese think Oracle Bone Script is difficult to understand.

I see Adam outside the garden of Eden. Adam and Eden are separated. Outside it is not the same any more. It is strange. Adam is finding another world outside and everything is really odd. Even the look of his fingers tell he is surprised and want to come inside again.

Today is written
() [yì]. The first character is simplified and the another in brackets traditional. In the traditional character the farmland/field is visible. But not in the simplified. That there is a person in the oracle bone character is not visible in the modern characters.

oracle bone script for

has the meaning derogatory term for a person with a certain vice or problem, sinister plot, dirty trick, stealthy, clandestine, surreptitious, terrible, wretched, damnable, ghost, phantom, spirit and apparition.

The scholars say this is a figure with a mask. The mask again.

I see a person outside the garden of Eden. The meaning of the character is how life without God is like.

Outside the Garden of Eden.

Today is written 鬼 [gui].

oracle bone script for

Oracle Bone, 3100-3600 years old