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The seed of the woman

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We have in the two recent articles seen that the lamb and calf have taken the punishment of man. Now we will see at the son of heaven that was the final sacrifice for man. Everything is written in the Chinese characters.

has the meaning son, child, person, (in ancient times) you, seed, egg, young, small and tender. The character is often used after a noun, adjective or verb as a noun suffix.

This character has such a wild spreading. Why?

Today is written 子

oracle bone script for

has the meaning good, fine, nice, be in good health, be or get well, friendly, kind, be easy (to do), be convenient, used before a verb to indicate an aspect that gives satisfaction and used after a verb to indicate the completion of an action.

This character consist of a son and a women. It could have the meaning the seed ot the woman, pointing to the time when everything will be fine again.

Today is written 好

oracle bone script for

has the meaning protect, defend, safeguard, keep, maintain, preserve, guarantee, ensure, go bail for, bail, guarantor and guarantee.

This character I see as the true protector and who will go bailing for us. It is not the older man protecting the smaller. It is the Son defending you.

Try to turn the picture up side down.

Today is written 保

oracle bone script for

has the meaning word, character, pronunciation (of a word or character), form of written or printed character, style of handwriting, scripts, writings, calligraphy and wording.

Where was a better place to hide these sights than in the plain Chinese characters :)

Today is written 字

bronze script for (there are no known oracle bone script)

the museum of the Chinese characters in Henan

Oracle Bone, 3100-3600 years old